Preparing Your Repo Truck for Slide-In Wheel Lift Installation

A slide-in wheel lift is a great business decision for any repo business or roadside assistance company. It offers you most of the capabilities of a wrecker, at a more manageable upfront investment, with a longer lifespan on the product. But, if this is your first time having a slide-in wheel lift installed, you might be wondering what preparation your truck needs, if any. Here’s a quick guide to a few features your truck will need, and a few that you might consider adding on for best performance: 

Additional Spring Work

If you’re installing a slide-in wheel lift on a truck with stock rear suspension, additional spring work is required. For Minute Man customers, we always recommend two go-to solutions:

Custom Spring Work

If you’re having your slide-in wheel lift factory-installed, custom spring work is your best option. Custom spring work ensures that you get a suspension solution that’s custom-tailored to your truck. Many slide-in-wheel lift providers, like Minute Man, offer this service as an add-on to factory installation. This is a great option as you can get all of the work done properly and in just one visit. 

Super Springs

If custom spring work isn’t an option, a trusted third-party product like SuperSprings is another great solution. SuperSprings work for most applications, and they’re fairly easy to install. SuperSprings are self-adjusting, which means they automatically adjust to your towing conditions, stabilizing the suspension system for level load distribution, improved handling, and reduced body roll. This is a solution you can install yourself, or if you partner with a wheel lift provider like Minute Man, we can install SuperSprings as part of product factory installation. 


Some customers prefer the control that airbag systems can offer. Adding airbags is another way to help distribute weight across your suspension system evenly while towing. If you prefer airbags, we recommend that our customers use combination airbags plus two leaves added to the rear stack. This is the configuration we’ve found works best to support the Minute ManXD Slide-In Wheel Lift, so if you’re looking at a different product, talk to the manufacturer about the best airbag system for your truck. 

Front Counterweight

A front counterweight is another way to prepare your truck for slide-in-wheel lift installation. Again, great towing starts with even weight distribution. A front counterweight is another tool that can provide the stability you need to tow safely. Here at Minute Man, we offer a 400lb counterweight that’s custom-made to fit your specific truck. This ensures you get an effective, easy-to-install counterweight that fits securely under the radiator support. 

Wireless Tow Lights

Wireless tow lights are another great feature to consider when outfitting your truck with a slide-in wheel lift. Though it’s not a feature you’ll need to install, it’s a good consideration to make as you get another truck ready to tow. Traditional tow lights can be problematic, with long cables that can get tangled and stuck. Wireless tow lights can be used on any vehicle, are easy to set up, and feature rechargeable batteries to ensure you’ve always got the lights you need. Minute Man offers a few wireless tow light options sure to get the job done. 

Consider a Factory Install

When it comes to installing a slide-in wheel lift, it’s worth it to consider investing in a factory install. While most auto mechanics can help you get your new tow truck up and running properly, investing in a factory install ensures your truck has the proper suspension, lift installation, and features to keep towing for years to come. Many factory installation services also accommodate add-ons for additional spring support, custom counterweight, and more. 

Have more questions about making sure your truck is prepped and ready for a slide-in wheel lift installation? Give us a call! We’re happy to help walk you through everything your truck needs, or we’re always happy to install the Minute ManXD for you. Just get in touch, and we’ll figure out the details for you.

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