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Can You Tow a Motorcycle on a Wheel Lift?

Minute Man Wheel Lifts make light-duty towing and repossession a breeze. Our Minute Man XD slide-in lift is specifically designed to fit in the back of many HD pickup chassis and transforms your truck into a light-duty tow vehicle. Our products make it possible to reduce vehicle hookup time, lower operational expenses, and perform one reliable tow after another.

One question we often receive is, “Can you haul a motorcycle with a Minute Man Wheel Lift?” Our answer is always, yes, you can — but you may need a special attachment to do it.

Features of The Minute Man Motorcycle Attachment

The Minute Man Motorcycle attachment makes transporting motorcycles a simple process, and in most cases, it only takes one man to load a motorcycle with our attachment. The motorcycle attachment attaches firmly to your Minute Man XD wheel lift and transforms it into a convenient, motorcycle-specific hauler.

The Minute Man Motorcycle attachment includes the following features:

  • A durable powder-coated finish
  • An auto-loading front chock
  • Available trailer mount for chocks
  • Compatibility with our rear bumper attachment
  • Easily installation and removal

Built with quick-release construction, the motorcycle attachment can be installed and removed from your wheel lift in a matter of minutes — giving you the flexibility to transition from hauling cars to hauling bikes in virtually no time. Additionally, our attachment makes loading the bike simple with the auto-loading front chock that holds the motorcycle for you while you safely strap it down. 

Why You Need a Motorcycle Attachment For Your Wheel Lift

Transporting motorcycles is usually a difficult task for tow-truck operators. To safely secure a bike, you typically need a couple of things: a rollback and two people. The rollback gives you the platform you need to stand up the bike and safely secure it for transport, and the extra person is required to hold up the bike as you hold it in place.

Our lift attachment benefits you in the following ways:

  • Faster motorcycle load times
  • Simple, one-person loading procedures
  • Reduced equipment costs
  • Improved repossession turnaround
  • An easily maneuverable motorcycle towing option

The Minute Man Motorcycle Attachment eliminates the need for both things that are usually necessary for motorcycle hauling. Our attachment turns your wheel lift into a stable platform to secure the bike for transport which removes the need for a flatbed truck. Additionally, the auto-loading front wheel chock holds the motorcycle in position while connecting it to the lift, which turns loading the bike into a one-person job. 

Get the Minute Man Motorcycle Attachment for Your Wheel Lift Today

For nearly 20 years, Minute Man has been the leading developer of light-duty towing options designed specifically for the back of HD pickup trucks. When the rest of the industry was using outdated technology, we created the world’s first auto-load slide-in wheel lift. Innovation fueled us then, and it continues to be the driving force behind our products.

From cars to motorcycles, the Minute Man Wheel Lift is an excellent solution for all of your light-duty towing needs. The attachment is convenient and can handle all of the jobs your application requires — saving your business valuable time and money. Contact our team to learn more about our wheel lift and attachments.

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