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After about 20 of production, the Minute Man Original Wheel Lift has been discontinued. The Minute Man Original (MMO) was succeeded by the Minute Man HDH around 2005.

The Minute Man HDH has also been discontinued. The HDH was in production for about ten years and was succeeded in 2012 by the Minute Man XD. The Minute Man XD was built on the success of its predecessors, offering quick, easy, and accessible features. It has improved in durability and is also easier to service. To put it simply – it’s our strongest and most capable lift ever.

The Minute Man XD is still in production and is sold and supported today.

All parts specific to the MMO and HDH are no longer in production, and those lifts are no longer supported. Since being replaced by the XD, sales volumes have dropped to make it no longer feasible from a business standpoint to produce parts for the MMO and HDH.

Only parts used for the Minute Man XD production are in production and in stock. Only the Minute Man XD is supported.

These discontinuations took place early in 2021, and we marked those parts as discontinued on our website and informed callers of this information. However, we continue to see used MMO and HDH units being listed for sale with buyers unaware of this change. We believed it was necessary to be even more proactive and let the marketplace know about the status of our products.

We continue to build and support the Minute Man XD Slide-In Wheel Lift daily, and we have no plans to stop.

Contact us at 877-593-6959 or parts@minuteman1.com with any questions.


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