3 Applications that Use Light Duty Towing Equipment

While heavy duty towing equipment works great for a number of jobs, there are some applications where its extra strength isn’t necessary and its large size is a burden. That’s where light duty towing equipment comes in.

In circumstances where you need a short distance, single car towing solution, light duty towing equipment will save you time, money, and hassle. Below, we’ll discuss three applications that use light duty towing equipment, as well as some unique light duty towing equipment features that can make your operations more efficient.

Industries that Benefit from Light Duty Towing Equipment

While light duty towing equipment can be used in a variety of applications, there are three industries where it can be especially advantageous, saving the most on time and money.

1. Vehicle Repossession

Vehicle repossession is one of the most common uses of light duty towing equipment. In the repo industry, it’s important you have a dependable towing solution that can get in and out of places, and onto the next job as quickly as possible. Due to its ability to tow single cars in short distances and tight spaces, light duty towing equipment is essential.

2. Roadside Service

Roadside service is another application where light duty towing equipment is particularly useful. When your roadside service trucks travel miles to retrieve a vehicle, the savings on fuel costs and fuel downtime add up. In the case of a car accident, rollover, or breakdown, sending a lighter duty option to complete the job is much more efficient than sending a heavy duty wrecker.

3. Impounding

In many cases, the municipal organizations responsible for impounding vehicles are working with small crews and tight budgets. This makes light duty towing equipment a good, long-term solution for them, as it delivers the service they need, with low costs and dependable operation. It also helps with the quick pick-ups, short-distance tows, and tight corner squeezes that are common during the impounding and lot placement process.

Optimize Light Duty Towing with a Minute Man Wheel Lift

If you work in repossession, roadside service, or impounding, you know the value of a towing solution that is light, quick, affordable, and reliable. The experts at Minute Man do, too.

The Minute Man Wheel Lift is a slide-in wheel lift that’s designed specifically for light duty towing applications. As one of the most innovative light duty towing solutions on the market, it’s built with a hydraulic powered auto-load head and in-cab controls to make short work of loading and unloading small to mid-sized vehicles. For light duty towing applications in any industry, the Minute Man Wheel Lift offers these benefits:

  • Flexibility – Minute Man’s slide-in wheel lifts can be installed in various light duty trucks. This way, if one of your trucks is damaged, you’re able to re-install the lift onto a different truck and keep operations going.
  • Low operating costs – Heavy-duty wreckers are more expensive upfront, carry more maintenance costs, and have poor fuel economy. With the Minute Man Wheel Lift, you can cut these costs down dramatically by attaching it to a long or short bed truck (like a Ram 3500 or Ford F350) with better fuel efficiency.
  • Durability – The Minute Man Wheel Lift offers great durability, proven to complete successful tows for years to come — even outlasting some of your trucks. But when your truck reaches the end of its life, you can simply move the wheel lift to a new one.

For the ultimate light-duty towing tool, trust the Minute Man Wheel Lift. This convenient attachment can handle all of the jobs on your lot, move vehicles with ease, and save your business money. Reach out to our team to learn more.

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