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Wrecker vs. Tow Truck: Which Is Best for My Business?

When it comes to efficiently handling vehicle breakdowns or towing operations, businesses often face a crucial decision: Should they invest in a wrecker or a tow truck?  Both options offer distinct advantages depending on the specific needs and requirements of the business. Understanding the differences between wreckers vs. tow trucks and their respective capabilities is […]

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how to build a repo wheel lift

How to Build a Repo Wheel Lift

If you need to transport vehicles or do some light-duty towing, you might be wondering how to build a repo wheel lift yourself. This complex process requires a good deal of technical knowledge and experience in mechanics and welding. If you’re ready to tackle this project, we’ll give you an overview of how to do […]

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tow truck safety in rain

5 Tips for Tow Truck Driver Safety in the Rain

When you work in the towing industry, you know that you always have to be ready to work, no matter the weather. Driving tow trucks during inclement weather comes with risks, so we’re here to share our top five tips for tow truck driver safety in the rain.  5 Tow Truck Driver Safety Tips To […]

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tow truck cost

How Much Does a Tow Truck Cost?

Are you trying to start a business that involves tow trucks? You’ll find that investing in owning equipment will be better in the long run, rather than renting. Read on to learn how much you can expect to spend on a tow truck.  How Much Does a Tow Truck Cost? When starting a towing business, […]

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Minute Man Press Release

Phone: 877-593-6959 | Minute Man Wheel Lifts is a registered dba of Rapidtek LLC 3825 Central Pkwy, Suite A, Hudsonville, MI 49426 PRESS RELEASE 9-22-2022 After about 20 of production, the Minute Man Original Wheel Lift has been discontinued. The Minute Man Original (MMO) was succeeded by the Minute Man HDH around 2005. The Minute […]

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are tow trucks emergency vehicles?

Are Tow Trucks Emergency Vehicles? 

Everyone knows police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances are emergency vehicles, but do tow trucks fall into that category as well? The short answer is yes, but they can’t do everything those other emergency vehicles can. There are lots of rules and regulations and they can change depending on the state you’re in. Let’s take […]

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wheel lifts

What Is A Wheel Lift?

A wheel lift is a device that attaches to the rear of a tow truck and is used to lift and tow another vehicle by its wheels. If you’ve ever seen a car being lifted by its wheels or being towed standing on an angle, you’ve likely seen a tow truck with a wheel lift. […]

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