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5 Wheel Lift Accessories for More Safe and Efficient Towing

By investing in a wheel lift, you can instantly make your light-duty towing and repossession tasks safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Their proven versatility enables low operational expenses, exceptional durability, and successful towing jobs, time after time. 

And, if you wish, they can bring even more advantages. At Minute Man, we offer a number of wheel lift accessories and add-ons that you can implement to maximize safety and efficiency in any towing situation. Below, we’ll explore five of our favorite wheel lift accessories. 

1. Motorcycle Attachment

Wheel lifts are usually manufactured with the intention of towing small-to-midsize vehicles — but investing in a motorcycle attachment can help expand your list of services and capabilities. 

The Minute Man Motorcycle Attachment not only makes motorcycle transportation possible but also safe and simple. With a sturdy front and rear auto-load attachment, it’s effectively made securing and towing a motorcycle a one-man job. And within just minutes, you can install and remove the attachment — enabling you to quickly switch back and forth between motorcycle and vehicle towing jobs. 

2. Fifth Wheel/Gooseneck Attachment

On the flip side, if you’re looking to tow something larger than a small-to-midsize vehicle, there’s a different solution for you. While it’s not possible for a wheel lift to handle that heavy of a job by itself, a fifth wheel or gooseneck attachment can be implemented for extra towing capacity. 

Minute Man’s Fifth Wheel/Gooseneck Attachment helps Minute Man’s wheel lift versatility shine, bringing something originally meant for light-duty towing to another level. It enables the wheel lift to safely and securely tow any trailer up to 7,500 pounds. And similarly to the motorcycle attachment, it can easily be installed and removed in just minutes. 

3. Rear Bumper Attachment

While towing a variety of vehicles, you want to ensure that your truck meets all roadside regulations and is operating safely. A rear bumper attachment can help, keeping your bumper safe from damage and ensuring your license plate is always visible. 

Designed to work with any Minute Man wheel lift, our Minute Man Rear Bumper Attachment serves as a great addition to your truck. It includes chain storage, an LED license plate lamp, “D” rings, and all mounting and hardware necessities. It’s also designed with a powder coat flat black finish, ensuring a classic, sleek aesthetic. 

The rear bumper attachment is compatible with almost any make and model truck since the late 90s. Give us your truck’s make, model, and year information, and we’ll take care of it from there. The bumper is included with the Minute Man XD wheel lift package.

4. Front Counter Weight

Consistent towing can cause an imbalance in your truck’s front and back-end weight. Luckily, front counterweights can help bring the stability you need for a smooth towing experience. 

Minute Man’s Front Counter Weight is recommended for most trucks. It mounts to your truck under the radiator support and weighs approximately 400 pounds. We custom-make each bracket kit to meet your truck’s specific needs, which usually takes about a week of production time — but once complete, the weight can be installed in just two hours or less. 

Remember: Never exceed your vehicle’s GVWR, and don’t cut corners. Make sure your rear springs are enhanced to keep your truck level while towing.

5. Pump Enclosure

Our Minute Man wheel lifts are powered by an electric-powered hydraulic pump, which sits at the end of the lift and in the bed of your truck. In order to maximize the longevity of your pump and wheel lift, it’s important to keep the pump component protected. 

Our Minute Man Pump Enclosure can help. It includes a pan, cover, and control mount to keep your pump safe from external elements — extending your lift’s lifespan and ensuring uninterrupted towing capabilities. The pump cover is included with every Minute Man XD.

Your towing has never been more safe and efficient. By installing MinuteMan’s wheel lift accessories and add-ons, you can take your towing business to the next level. Contact our team to learn more about which attachments and accessories may be right for your application. 

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