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How to Get Repo Contracts

Lenders shift around with repossession agencies all the time, and while this may be bad news for you if you were recently dropped, it means that more contracts are out there and they’re easy to get — if you know how to find them. Let’s talk about how to get repo contracts, and how to […]

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OSHA Requirements for Tow Truck Drivers

Towing can be a very dangerous job. Tow truck drivers face many threats in a typical workday, from the danger of being hit when trying to recover a vehicle, or being injured from accidents involving road debris, chemical spills, or even their own equipment. Improper tow truck driver safety protocols in the workplace or on […]

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How to Get a Repo License

Starting a repo agency or working as a freelance repo agent are great ways to start a career where you’re fully in charge and autonomous. When you own a business, you set your own hours and you call the shots. Like any job, vehicle repossession requires training to ensure you can complete the necessary tasks […]

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Best Light Duty Trucks for Towing

Purchasing a new truck is a big decision. Especially if you need a truck for a specific application, like hauling or towing, there are a lot of factors to consider before you can make a final choice. If you’re looking for a tow truck that can handle light-duty towing associated with roadside assistance or vehicle […]

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Minute Man XD Slide In Wheel Lift

Choosing a Wheel Lift for Your Repo Company

When it comes to your repossession company, your tow trucks and wheel lifts are your tools of the trade. You need reliable, heavy-duty equipment you can trust to get your jobs done well, now and in the future. Whether you’re in the market for a new wheel lift or if you’re just starting your repo […]

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Winter Tow Truck Driver Safety Tips

For many tow truck drivers, winter is the busiest season. With drivers sliding off the road, batteries failing in the cold, and more, there’s a lot of towing to be done in the winter. Whether you’re a roadside service driver or a repossession driver, here are a few winter tow truck driver safety tips to […]

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