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Minute Man XD Slide In Wheel Lift

Choosing a Wheel Lift for Your Repo Company

When it comes to your repossession company, your tow trucks and wheel lifts are your tools of the trade. You need reliable, heavy-duty equipment you can trust to get your jobs done well, now and in the future. Whether you’re in the market for a new wheel lift or if you’re just starting your repo […]

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Winter Tow Truck Driver Safety Tips

For many tow truck drivers, winter is the busiest season. With drivers sliding off the road, batteries failing in the cold, and more, there’s a lot of towing to be done in the winter. Whether you’re a roadside service driver or a repossession driver, here are a few winter tow truck driver safety tips to […]

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2017 Ford F 350 LTS with Minute Man Wheel Lift

How to Start A Repo Business

Starting your own repo business can be daunting, but once you get going the hard work is well worth it. You make your own hours, you make your own schedule, and you’re building a company you can be proud of. If you’ve been thinking about starting a vehicle repossession company, the hardest part is just […]

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Minute Man XD in 2017 Ford F-350 dually.

Benefits of the Minuteman Wheel Lift for Light Duty Towing

Is your light-duty towing operation looking for ways to increase profitability? Whether you offer repossession or roadside assistance towing services, you can only do as much work as your equipment can handle. If you’re in search of more affordable, efficient tools, you can’t go wrong with a slide in wheel lift like the Minute Man […]

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