Industries that can use the Minute Man XD Wheel Lift

We’ve talked about how the Minute Man XD works, and we’ve outlined a number of its benefits, but who is the Minute Man XD slide in wheel lift actually for? While this slide in wheel lift is ideal for any light-duty towing application, you might be wondering who gets the most use out of it and if it’s the right choice for your company.  Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular applications for the Minute Man XD.

Repossession Companies

Whether you own your own tow truck or you’re in charge of a fleet of vehicles, the Minute Man XD is most commonly used in repossession applications. Because our slide in wheel lift is exceptionally durable, retains its value even after a truck might reach its breaking point. So instead of taking the depreciation “hit” on the entire tow truck, you retain the use of the equipment and only replace the truck. The Minute Man XD offers a simple, fast way for drivers to lift, secure, and tow vehicles, and Minute Man is the preferred solution for a number of repossession companies.

ford truck with wheel lift
The Minute Man XD is available for both long and short bed trucks with a minimum GVWR of 10,000 lbs. This makes it a quieter, less obtrusive wheel lift option, ensuring your drivers can acquire the vehicles they need with as little hassle as possible.

Roadside Service & Municipal Towing

The Minute Man XD is the perfect solution for roadside service and municipal towing applications. Our slide-in wheel lift is installed in either long or short bed trucks that offer significantly improved fuel economy over traditional wreckers and tow trucks. This saves on fuel costs and fueling downtime for roadside service companies sending trucks miles out to retrieve a vehicle on the highway. What’s more, traditional tow trucks are substantially more expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain, making the Minute Man XD an attractive, and affordable option.

The Minute Man XD wheel lift is also a long-term investment that recoups its costs over time. Because of its durable construction and placement in the bed of the truck, rather than under the vehicle, the Minute Man XD offers a long lifespan. This means that even when the truck itself reaches the end of its life, the wheel lift can be transferred to another vehicle of the same size, preserving your investment, and reducing your operational costs in the long-term. For municipal applications on tight budgets, the Minute Man XD is an ideal, long-term solution.

The Minute Man XD Wheel Lift is a versatile tool that’s ideal for any application requiring a swift, safe towing solution. It’s an investment that will retain its value for years to come, and that will help your company tow more vehicles in less time, without sacrificing safety. If you’re still not sure the Minute Man XD Wheel Lift is right for you, give us a call at 877-593-6959. We’d love to help you determine if our slide-in wheel lift is the right solution for your operation.