Minute Man Original (MMO) Slide In Wheel Lift – [discontinued]

[box type=”alert” border=”full”]The Minute Man Original Wheel Lift (MMO) has since been replaced by the HDH Slide In Wheel lift, and most recently our new model, the Minute Man XD Slide In Lift. We stand by all of our products and continue to provide customer support and replacement parts for the MMO. Visit our support page for more information.

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The Minute Man Original (MMO) is our original slide in wheel lift. It’s simplicity and value are still preferred by some. The MMO has proven itself in the marketplace for over 10 years.

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Minute Man wheel lifts go places where full-sized wreckers only dream of. Spring loaded C hooks pivot around the wheels of the parked vehicle. Operation is done from inside your truck with the included four button hand control.

For best results please note: The Minute Man Slide In Wheel Lift is designed to be installed on a pickup or cab-chassis.  Models are available to fit either long bed (8 ft.) Or short bed (6.5 ft.).

Minimum GVWR is 10,000.  For best results we recommend 11,000 or greater GVWR.  Never exceed mfg GVWR.  The addition of springs to a stock suspension in the rear is necessary – either add leaves or a SuperSprings package.  The MMO is available in short or long bed models.

The Minute Man is easily installed and can be transferred to other trucks in your fleet. The hydraulic pump is self-contained and pre-installed and wired to the wheel lift for easy servicing. The Minute Man is powered by one 12V battery. All functions are powered by hydraulics (boom UP/DOWN, fold IN/OUT) Minute Man has a 65″ reach capacity.

[box type=”alert” border=”full”]Safety Warnings

  • We recommend the use of our front counter weight package.
  • Minute Man Slide In Wheel lifts are not for use in ½ ton pickups.
  • Ultimately it is the customer’s responsibility to observe all local, state, federal and DOT regulations.
  • It is recommended to add three springs, SuperSpring or air bags to the rear of the truck.



  • Lifting capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Towing capacity: 7,500 lbs
  • Reach: 65″
  • Unit fits: Long bed (8′) or Short bed (6.5′)
  • Counter balance required: 400 lbs
  • Truck requirement: one ton, single or dual wheel, long or short bed, Ford, Dodge or *Chevy models

Included Equipment:

  • Complete Minute Man lift
  • Wheel lift ratchet straps
  • Wired remote (in cab)
  • Monarch pump
  • Safety chain
  • Installation hardware package (mounting brackets, grade 8 bolts, battery cable)
  • Minute Man rear bumper with chain storage, D-rings, and LED license plate lamp

Suggested Equipment:

  • SuperSprings
  • Minute Man 400 lb. counter weight (under front of truck)
  • Minute Man gooseneck ball
  • Minute Man 5th wheel head
  • Tow lights
  • In The Ditch Tow Dollies
  • Lodar Wireless remote


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between the Minute Man Original & the Minute Man HDH & XD?

A: The difference is on the head of the lift. The MMO (Minute Man Original) has “C-Hooks” that pivot around the tires of the parked vehicle when the lift is backing in. The HDH (Minute Man HDH) has hydraulic powered “L-Arms” which grab the wheels of the vehicle with the push of a button on the in-cab hand control.

Q: Can I put a Minute Man on my F150, or 1500, etc. ?

A: No.

Q: Does Minute Man sell used or refurbished equipment?

A: Generally speaking we do not deal in used equipment. If you are thinking of buying a used lift from a 3rd party, please see our used Minute Man tips here: click here

Q: Does Minute Man make an underbody lift?

A: No. Both of our models mount in the bed of the truck to the frame. Our customers like how our lift tows compared to other slide in and under-body lifts. Installation of the Minute Man does not require frame modification – some of our competition does.

Q: Can I move my Minute Man from one truck to another?

A: Yes – If both trucks have the same box size. We make 2 different size lifts: a short box (for 6-1/2′ box) and a long box (for 8′ box). Never install a long box lift into a short box truck or vice versa.

Q: Is installation included in the price?

A: No. Installation is available for an additional charge.

Q: Can the Minute Man be shipped to me?

A: YES!! We ship the Minute Man fully crated via freight truck throughout North America. We can also ship internationally – please contact us for a shipping quote – we need the complete address and zip/postal code. Shipping to commercial address with fork lift is required. If you do not have access to a fork lift or a commercial address shipping can be arranged for you to pick up at your local freight terminal. Call for details – we can handle it!

Additional information

Weight 1400 lbs
Bed Length


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