tow truck insurance

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for a Tow Truck?

What Kind of Tow Truck Insurance Do I Need? If your company uses tow trucks, you’ll need to invest in tow truck insurance. It will protect you if the unimaginable happens and one of your trucks gets into an accident. But what type of insurance do you need? What are all the ins and outs […]

are tow trucks emergency vehicles?

Are Tow Trucks Emergency Vehicles? 

Everyone knows police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances are emergency vehicles, but do tow trucks fall into that category as well? The short answer is yes, but they can’t do everything those other emergency vehicles can. There are lots of rules and regulations and they can change depending on the state you’re in. Let’s take […]

A wheel lift is a device that attaches to the rear of a tow truck and is used to lift and tow another vehicle by its wheels. If you’ve ever seen a car being lifted by its wheels or being towed standing on an angle, you’ve likely seen a tow truck with a wheel lift. […]

towing business

How to Run a Successful Towing Business in 4 Steps

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing it for years, you might be looking for some tips on how to run a successful towing business. Here are a few tips to make your business the most safe, efficient, and profitable it can be.  #1 Focus on a Niche There are a lot of […]

light duty towing

Best Light Duty Towing Equipment for Municipal Applications

Any municipal fleet manager knows that one of your most important vehicles is your tow truck. From retrieving municipal vehicles to towing stuck or abandoned vehicles on municipal property, cities and towns that invest in their own towing equipment can save a great deal of time and money by investing in light-duty towing equipment. But […]

motorcycle attachment

Can You Tow a Motorcycle on a Wheel Lift?

Minute Man Wheel Lifts make light-duty towing and repossession a breeze. Our Minute Man XD slide-in lift is specifically designed to fit in the back of many HD pickup chassis and transforms your truck into a light-duty tow vehicle. Our products make it possible to reduce vehicle hookup time, lower operational expenses, and perform one […]

requirements for a tow truck driver

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Tow Truck Driver?

From cars broken down or stranded on the side of the road to vehicles that are illegally parked or headed to impound, the duties of a tow truck driver are plenty, and the need for such professionals is not going anywhere!  Towing is a great business to get into, but whether you’re building a staff […]

towing accessories

5 Wheel Lift Accessories for More Safe and Efficient Towing

By investing in a wheel lift, you can instantly make your light-duty towing and repossession tasks safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Their proven versatility enables low operational expenses, exceptional durability, and successful towing jobs, time after time.  And, if you wish, they can bring even more advantages. At Minute Man, we offer a number […]

tow truck

Does Towing Damage a Car? How to Prevent Damage While Towing

If you’re in the towing business, you know how important it is to get jobs done quickly and safely. But more than anything, you know how important it is to tow cars without causing any damage to them. Damaging a car while towing it can result in extensive financial and legal burdens. The good news […]


3 Applications that Use Light Duty Towing Equipment

While heavy duty towing equipment works great for a number of jobs, there are some applications where its extra strength isn’t necessary and its large size is a burden. That’s where light duty towing equipment comes in. In circumstances where you need a short distance, single car towing solution, light duty towing equipment will save […]

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