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Wrecker vs. Tow Truck: Which Is Best for My Business?

When it comes to efficiently handling vehicle breakdowns or towing operations, businesses often face a crucial decision: Should they invest in a wrecker or a tow truck?  Both options offer distinct advantages depending on the specific needs and requirements of the business. Understanding the differences between wreckers vs. tow trucks and their respective capabilities is […]

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how to build a repo wheel lift

How to Build a Repo Wheel Lift

If you need to transport vehicles or do some light-duty towing, you might be wondering how to build a repo wheel lift yourself. This complex process requires a good deal of technical knowledge and experience in mechanics and welding. If you’re ready to tackle this project, we’ll give you an overview of how to do […]

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car on repo truck

How Much Does a Repo Truck Cost?

Dependable tow trucks are the cornerstone of a successful repo business, so whether you’re growing your fleet, replacing a truck, or just starting out, it’s vital you invest in the right tow truck to meet your needs.  This can be a daunting task, however. While you want to make sure you get a good price, […]

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Best Skip Tracing Tips & Tools for Repo Companies

A big part of the repossession business involves using research and investigative skills to track down delinquent parties, as well as the property they’ve neglected to pay on (and neglected to give up). Finding the correct contact information is key to finding the vehicle you need to collect, but this can definitely take some digging […]

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4 Types of Tow Trucks and Their Applications

Here’s something that might be a surprising fact: Not all tow trucks are alike. There are actually different types of tow trucks, each with different applications. Knowing which type would best meet the needs of your towing or repo business plays a big role in maximizing productivity and profits while minimizing operating and maintenance costs. […]

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How to Get Repo Contracts

Lenders shift around with repossession agencies all the time, and while this may be bad news for you if you were recently dropped, it means that more contracts are out there and they’re easy to get — if you know how to find them. Let’s talk about how to get repo contracts, and how to […]

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