Everything You Need to Know About the Minuteman Wheel Lift

If you work in repossession, you know that your profitability is reliant on how many trucks you have on the road, and how quickly you can pick up a vehicle, drop it off in the lot, and get back on the road. You don’t have time for breakdowns.
If you’re looking for a fast and affordable solution to get your trucks back on the road quickly, you’ll want to consider the Minute Man XD Wheel Lift.

What is the Minute Man XD Wheel Lift?

The Minute Man XD Wheel Lift is a slide in wheel lift that’s designed to offer you the very best in light-duty towing and repossession. Featuring a hydraulic powered auto-load head and in-cab controls, the Minute Man XD makes short work of loading and unloading vehicles, helping you do more work in less time. Take a look at the video below to see the Minute Man XD in action:
For more in-depth features and a list of specifications, visit the Minute Man XD Product Page.

Who Uses The Minute Man XD?

This equipment is ideal for anyone with a light-duty towing application. The Minute Man XD is especially popular among those in vehicle repossession, but it’s also perfect for roadside service and auto club towing, municipal towing, or again, any business with a need for a versatile, low-investment light-duty towing option.

Why Choose The Minute Man XD?

If you work in repossession, you know the massive cost of a new wrecker. If anything happens to that wrecker, your driver is out of commission and off the road until your company can come up with the funds to purchase an entirely new truck or a used one with half the life.
Enter the Minute Man XD:

A Versatile Solution

As a slide-in wheel lift, the Minute Man XD can be installed in a variety of light-duty trucks. That means if something happens to the truck your Minute Man XD Wheel Lift is installed on, the unit can simply be moved to a new truck with the same bed size.

Lower Operating Costs

Wreckers are often difficult to keep up — they’re heavy, they require special maintenance, and they have poor fuel economy. The Minute Man XD can be installed on either long or short bed trucks, many of which, like the Ram 3500, the Ford F350, or the GM 3500 have a better fuel economy, a longer lifespan, and a lower upfront cost when compared to a traditional wrecker.


Finally, the Minute Man XD has longevity you simply won’t find with other traditional towing products. A rugged, durable wheel lift, the Minute Man XD offers proven dependability. That means even when your truck reaches the end of its life, you still have the Minute Man. Move it onto the new replacement truck, and get your drivers back out on the road as soon as possible. The Minute Man XD can outlast the truck, saving you money in the overall replacement cost.

Minute Man XD Wheel Lift Installation Options

There are two ways to install the Minute Man XD Wheel Lift:

1) We Ship Directly To You

If you have the tools and the experience and you feel confident installing the Minute Man XD Wheel Lift, we are happy to ship it to you. Simply get in touch, and we can work to get it shipped out in just a matter of days.

2) We Install For You

If you prefer, we can always install the Minute Man XD for you at our professional factory here in West Michigan. We often install units for customers across the country, so if you’d prefer our factory installation, we can make that happen. If you opt for factory installation, we can also help install the recommended three springs to the rear of the truck.
Does the Minuteman Wheel Lift sound like the perfect tool for your repossession or towing company? Let us know! We’d love to help you fit your operation out with some of the most durable equipment for light-duty towing.