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How to Repo a Car: 3 Steps to Legal Vehicle Repossession

If you’re new to the repossession business, the first thing to know is how to go about repossessing vehicles as efficiently as possible, but within the limits of the law. It’s imperative that you follow the repo rules and regulations for your state closely as a legal misstep can cause you all sorts of trouble and even result in criminal charges against you. In other words, there’s a right way to repo, and it’s important that you follow the steps correctly.      

Here’s how to repo a vehicle successfully and efficiently, and most importantly, legally:  

Step 1: Know Your State’s Laws for Car Repossession

Before you head out, make sure you’re aware of what’s legal and what’s not. For instance, some states may prohibit you from taking a vehicle from a garage. Others may require you to notify the local police to let them know of the action you’re about to take. Check with a local legal representative to ensure you are clear on the Michigan repossession laws by which you need to abide. Also, make sure you have the licensing you need to legally run your business

Step 2: Confirm All Your Car Repossession Info 

Make sure you have all the proper paperwork from the lender for proof the debtor is indeed in default. Have a legal contract in place for your services, and when you locate the vehicle, verify the VIN number to make sure you have the correct car. 

Step 3: Choose How to Repo the Car 

It’s important to note that regardless of how you choose to repo the car, remember you cannot breach the peace, meaning it’s illegal to damage property or intimidate the delinquent party.

With that in mind, the lender may be able to provide spare keys or the factory key code for you to gain entry and start the car. Many times, however, you will need to utilize a tow truck. You can call a towing service and have the car taken to an impound lot, or you can save time and money if you are able to do this yourself with your own tow truck. 

Though it’s not always possible for start up repo businesses to have the funding for their own towing truck or fleet, there is an option with a lower upfront cost that pays dividends in the end. 

Slide in wheel lifts can be attached to regular pickups as an affordable alternative to a fully equipped tow truck. These devices simplify the towing process and not only require less of an investment upfront, but also help save you money in operating and maintenance costs, and even make you money since they are so efficient.

How to Repo a Car with the Help of Minute Man 

Just as there’s a right way to repossess vehicles, there’s also a great way to start your business off on the right foot. Besides making sure you adhere to repo laws, make sure you invest in equipment from a reputable company that’s been in the business for years. 

If you’re starting a repo business, Minute Man can help! Our slide in wheel lift has a reputation for being an affordable, but exceptionally durable option — perfect for anyone starting their repo company. Learn more about our XD slide in wheel lift and how it can help your repo business succeed. 

Call us at 877-593-6959 or reach out online today. We are experts in the repossession business and can help you become an expert, too!

Legal Disclaimer: The material and information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. You should not rely upon the material or information on the website as a basis for making business, legal or other decisions. 

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